About Me

Biography of James Chronister

Born and raised in south central Pennsylvania, Jim graduated from Dallastown High School in 1970. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration in 1975 from York College of Pennsylvania. Upon graduation, he was employed as the supervisor of the leather department for Hanover Shoe in Hanover Pennsylvania. In this position he maintained the inventory and distribution of leather to their 5 manufacturing plants.

In a career change Jim and his family moved to Ohio in 1984. Jim and Karen have now been married 50+ years. They raised a son and a daughter and enjoy 5 grandchildren. His new career was in full time ministry. To date, Jim has served 6 congregations in pastoral ministry. This background has become the
foundation of how Jim cares for his clients. Jim’s extensive experience with people in all phases of life enables him to relate to the challenges faced by those over the age of 65.

It was in June of 2005, while in transition between congregations, that Jim began his insurance business. (Ohio ID #694507). Jim began specializing in life insurance but quickly moved to health insurance, especially Medicare products. With 17+ years of experience, Jim has steadily added necessary ancillary products to what he has to offer. This website displays the expanse of Jim’s portfolio.

Jim is a Licensed Insurance Agent.